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Adding Documents using the Cloud Storage Integration

Last Updated: Feb 12, 2014 04:48PM CST
Cartavi gives you the ability to import your documents into Cartavi directly from several cloud storage services. Our cloud storage integration supports Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft SkyDrive. If you subscribe to any of these services, you will be able to copy documents to your Cartavi account. It is important to note that all imports into Cartavi result as copies of the original file. If you update your document you have stored in your cloud service, it will not automatically update the copy you own in Cartavi. This integration is available in both our web application and mobile applications for your iOS and Android devices.

Web Application

From a My Docs folder or the documents tab in a Transaction Room, click on Add. From the dropdown menu, choose the service where your document is stored.

* If you are not currently logged into the cloud service, you will be prompted to do so at this time. Depending on your service provider and/or browser type, you may be prompted to grant permission to view the files if you’ve never done so before.

When you choose a provider to copy a file from, a file dialog box will pop up and prompt you to select one or more files.  Multiple files can be selected by using either the CTRL key when selecting non-contiguous files or the SHIFT key for contiguous files. Depending on your service provider and/or browser type, you will need to click on Save or Open to begin copying your selected files into Cartavi.

It is important to not navigate away from your Transaction Room or My Docs folder until the file copies are completed. If you do, this may result in a failed upload.

Example of completed uploads and uploads in process

Mobile Application

On any of our mobile applications for iOS and Android devices, you can add documents to your My Docs folders or Transaction Rooms.  In either location, press on the document+ icon located at the bottom of the application and choose which cloud storage service you wish to copy from. You will be prompted to login to your service if you have not done so in your current Cartavi session. Depending on the cloud storage application you selected, you may be prompted to accept the terms of service for that program.

In the cloud storage modal that opens, press any documents you wish to copy into Cartavi. The documents will show as checked.  Press Save in the top right corner to begin copying those files into Cartavi.

Cloud Storage Settings

By default, each time you select the Add button in the web application or the document+ icon in the mobile application, you will see all available cloud services. If you wish, you can disable any or all of these services to not be displayed by going to Settings and then Integrations. Be sure to Save your selections.

Cloud Storage Additional Notes

Google Drive. Google Drive supports their own file types. If you choose a standard file type like .pdf’s or MS Office file types, the import will work normally; however, if you select a Google file type, then it will be converted into a standard file type when copied into Cartavi. Here are the Google file types and the file types they will convert to when copied into Cartavi:


SkyDrive. SkyDrive does not support multiple file selection at this time.

All file restrictions will be still be enforced. File’s over 35MB are denied. Extension requirements must be met as well.  A .exe or .zip will fail for example. If the import of your file(s) places you beyond your Cartavi plan quota, the upload will fail. In addition, the activity log associated with your file copy to Cartavi from your cloud storage provider will reflect where the file was added from (Added from Dropbox, Added from Google Drive, Added from SkyDrive).

Browser Support

The cloud storage integration will only be supported on the most modern web browser platforms.



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